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Felix the Cat Banner - Chevrolet, Car Guys Large 36" x 36" man Cave retro Art

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BIG 36" x 36" Felix the Cat/Chevrolet Banner (replica/brand new)

Felix the Cat banner /Wall Hanging. Perfect for Man Cave or retro Art for a Car Guy's Garage.
Perfect print of Felix with his bag of tricks. Rugged 13 oz. banner material which is hemmed and grommeted.
Also Displays the Chevrolet Bowtie Logo, which was associated
with the old TV ads for Felix Chevrolet in Southern California.

Felix the Cat is widely considered the world's first animated film star. He first appeared as 'Master Tom' in an animated short titled Feline Follies, released by Paramount Studios on 9 November 1919, a full nine years before Mickey Mouse's debut in Disney's Steamboat Willie (1928).

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