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Jack Ruby's Business Card- Reproduction

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The best reproduction of this infamous card ever!

Jack Ruby's Business Card
A perfect replica only $5 (free shipping)
In the 50s and 60s, Jack Ruby ran a skanky little strip club on Commerce
Ave, upstairs above a BBQ restaurant in Downtown Dallas.
Ruby was an annoying little guy who liked to hang around
cops and news people. Always looking for publicity for his club,
he was often seen passing out his business cards to everyone he
would meet. He would sometimes write on the back of the card
a signed note to "Admit Party" or "Admit Party anytime except Saturday.
The Carousel club shut down the day Kennedy was assassinated
followed by the cold blooded murder of Lee Harvey Oswald by
Jack Ruby.
This card would be a hoot for anyone who finds interest in the Jfk
assassination. A real conversation piece.
For more information, Read my book "The Men on the Sixth Floor"
or check out my YouTube channel of the same name.

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